Running: So You Think You Look Fast... Think Again

I know you can run hard, I do too. Did the thought that you're running fast come to you when you felt the rush and the gust of the wind just hitting harder and harder? Of course you did, or at least I did. But did you think for a sec  that you looked really fast out there on the road as you're about to smash your old P.R.? Um, I guess so... or not.

runner's heart

On the first leg of the National Age Group Triathlon 2013 I was on my way to set a P.R. and the run leg was going okay even with the blisters on both feet, but out there on the run route I noticed that however fast I thought I was running I didn't look fast (it was a sub 45 minute 10K) and there's only one guy who looked like he was really running as opposed to us just jogging. That guy got a run split of 36 minutes! Whoa! He really ran. So I looked up some video clips of running and found out that most of us looked quite slow, my smashing performance looked even more disgustingly slow, aggh - not that there's something wrong about it though. Maybe it was the video capture playing games on me :) ... nahh. 

On my last fun run I already knew this all too well and again I definitely looked slow in fifth place, even the runner up with his low bounce technique looked incredibly slow in a 38 minute 10k performance. So was there someone out there who looked fast? Yes and he was the only one, and he finished in 35 minutes. I saw him running after the turn around points and he did look the part, I mean he looked quite fast.

So if you're a running enthusiast and think you look like you're running fast, maybe you should think again or better yet record your running powers in action. You'll be amazed... reality vs. expectation, you be the judge. :)

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