Ten Keys To Distance Running Success by Wednesday Night Runners' Coach

Sometimes people ask me what my weekly training workouts are like and how they can use it to become fast runners... well they're barking up the wrong tree because 1. I'm not fast, so I think I'm not a credible source of that info 2. I'm a jogger and joggers don't get high mileage 3. I'm an ectomorph and guys like me are just light as a feather so I have no idea what it feels like to be in a normal body weight 4. Maybe I just don't like to share my secret ha!  until now 
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P.S. - I see a lot of runners training for a marathon nowadays and rightfully so as they are about to take on some marathons in the near future. And most if not all want a relatively fast time as I imagine. But here's the thing, if you really want to become a fast marathoner maybe you should start to become a fast runner first regardless of distance; 3k, 5k, 10k, just saying if you can't run a fast 5k how can you expect to run a fast Mary?

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