Jogging 101 - Let's Make A Revolution

It seems to me that we are now populated by runners, and real joggers are becoming extinct. With a variety of races and fun runs that abound, each giving away race numbers and medals, the running community continues to grow attracting weight watchers, fitness buffs and certified joggers. But as a jogger hear me out before you jump to that other fence. 

Jogging is definitely easier than running. It is also easier to maintain good fitness based on jogging because it doesn't need structure. Running requires dedication, progression, hard and long workouts. Jogging, on the other hand, demands nothing but a fraction of your time at an easy pace which wouldn't break knees or back.

So how do you jog? Just jog for 20 to 40 minutes 3 times a week. It can be done every other day or on 3 consecutive days and you won't feel guilty that they are all bunched up or you've been short on mileage, you just do it and that's it. I think the health benefits of jogging is just just as good as any endurance sport and it's bottled in less than 2 hours per week. But then there's also walking which is a good exercise but definitely not as good as jogging and it doesn't make you as awesome as a jogger.

Let's start a revolution a la 70s. Just JOG!

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