Bisikleta Iglesia 2015

Bisikleta Iglesia
Maundy Thursday

Days before our annual Visita Iglesia ride we weren't yet sure with the route. The choice is between a ride on the mountains and a roll in the flats going to Batangas. We decided to go up but a few kilometers later we ended up going the other way. Yep we changed our minds a few minutes away from our first church.

It was still dark when we met up at the first church

The ride was a successful century ride/birthday ride/Visita Iglesia. We visited 7 churches, ate twice courtesy of the celebrant and ended with a mileage a tad above 100 kilometers. 

At the farthest distance from where we came from

This is a traditional ride which we used to call penitence ride but the degree of difficulty became easier as we progressed in fitness throughout the years so an exercise like this doesn't call for a name synonymous to suffering. 

Breakfast at a Filipiniana styled restaurant

Halo halo stop before heading home

In the evening I brought my son to this place

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