Taking A Time Off

When I started training for my first 10K run, it marked the start of my interest in all things endurance. I researched on endurance sports training, I structured my workouts, I did it safely short but consistent, and most of all, I trained with a purpose to get a little bit fitter time after time.

On my first year of training, not once did I stopped to abandon my 6 hour per week regimen. Sometimes the hours would go up and at times I would rest for a couple of days. But the consistency and devotion was there and luckily enough, progress showed on a lot of my races.

From a guy who can only jog for twelve minutes straight back in November 2011, I went on to clock 2:36 in a standard distance race in about a year. I don't know if this is a typical result but undeniably, consistent training made me a fitter person (... I think) and the good news is that you can easily be fitter than me if you have the time to allot to endurance training.

As time went on, I guess it's just ordinary to take some time off from what you're used to do and in this case, I found myself laying low from training just three times since I started my 10k training and the latest lull is happening now.

Since March 8 I only had casual rides, no swim and definitely no runs. As ridiculous as it sound, I'm liking this new change in my lifestyle. Actually I have to revise my goals for the whole year as I embrace my new found love for slacking off :P 

I would imagine that running is the hardest thing to do right now. I have tons of reason to neither run nor jog. Swimming would be easier as I am always near a pool and it's low on the pain meter. Cycling ain't going anywhere, it's just so much fun to stop doing it but the rides don't resemble the ones I usually do when training for a triathlon.

But there is a good thing that came out of the free time I have and it's an offshoot of this blog. You see, I don't normally post race schedules on this blog but continually update my FB page to share race updates available in the Philippines. Now I am setting up a site where anyone can easily find races and results in the world of multi sports in the Philippines. The site is called Miles and Pages for a reason, there you can find race schedules and blog posts from this site. The site address is www.milesandpages.com and it still is a work in progress and could take weeks to finish but it's up and running already. Hope you like it and find it useful in planning your races.

So what do you do when you're taking a time off? You do crazy things like planning to ride an Audax 400 - damn straight. :P

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