Bohol 226 - 2014

December 6, 2014, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

One doesn't simply sign up for an IM distance event. But if you have 5 months left to train then this becomes a real possibility don't you think. ;)

Bohol 226 - 2014 triathlon philippines

So here's the simple plan:
1. Get my marathon legs back to where it was a year ago. It may be slow but I think I can finish with those legs.
2. When I get confident with my jogging legs, hopefully by September, I'll focus more on my swim and bike the rest of the way. 
3. Play it conservatively on race day (without getting cut off) and nail my nutrition.

Sounds like fun? Or pain? Definitely sounds like a plan to me. :)

Here's wishing for my own 17 hours to glory.

And hoping for some of you to be doing this with the rest of the Batch 2014.

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