Milo Marathon 21K Qualifier

Milo 21K 2015

Last year my goal for this race was to finish in 1:38 or faster, luckily I did finish in 1:38 and qualified for the marathon finals. This year I have a bigger project for the 39th Milo Marathon qualifier - guide my three buddies to run sub 2:30 and get our respective finisher medals. This is not an easy feat because Milo organizers are always strict on their cutoff times and one of my friends ran a 20K in 2:38 back in February. The idea to run the Milo 21K was just hatched on the early part of July back when the three of them weren't near the pace of 7 minutes per kilometer which is my target goal pace for them. But guess what - they made it and the slowest one clocked in at 2:22, not bad if you're coming from a 2:46er BleH! ;)

We all got our medals - Zaldy 2:14, Pot 2:18, Pong 2:22, Me 2:22

Post race breakfast

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