Thoughts For The Next Race

I've been under the weather these past few days with cough, colds and fever that comes and goes. This is a horrible excuse to not workout, not that I don't like to rest but the timing is just too close to my next race - Aboitiz Tri 2015. The first two days were a pain in my back and sinus not to mention how cold it can get when the fever strikes. I skipped five consecutive meals because of this but now I'm beginning to eat normally. I've been drinking some herbal teas to speed up my recovery. Here are the three herbal teas I am currently cooking. 
1. Salabat (ginger) - for my cough and colds
2. Sambong - for my temperature and kidney so I can drink medicine and flush it out completely 
3. Sapang - a kind of wood that is told to be good at normalizing blood values.

As for the remaining days before the race I'm not too concerned about the planned workouts, my thoughts are in ridding myself of the phlegm that seems to choke me and the sore throat that prevents me from sleeping. I'd rather be breathing good than risk not joining the Saturday afternoon event. I was pretty much in good shape before somebody transmitted the virus to me and I'm confident I'll be on the starting line on September 12.

Good luck to all the participants of Aboitiz Tri. Let's enjoy the race and please be safe :)

I was visiting my classmate who's celebrating his 19th anniversary of priesthood when I suddenly fell ill

Body temperature was high upon waking up

A new playground for me - never even been here before ;)

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