Online Buying

I'm a frequent online buyer of things and that goes the same way with bike stuff. Some stores which seem hard to reach physically are naturally appealing to me for online transactions. They may not have online payment facilities but a bank is always near for bank to bank transactions and although they don't have dedicated websites there's always a presence in Facebook and a phone number to reach them.

2,300 for a pair

Here's how I bought a pair of Kenda Kaliente Pro tires with white stripes from a bike shop in Quiapo.

1.  I googled the shop's phone number.
2.  I called to check if they have what I need and asked for the price, shipping included.
3.  They texted me their bank account number.
4.  I deposited the money to their account and called them.
5.  The bike shop texted me with the tracking number.
6.  I received the package after a night.

Buy from reputable bike shops.

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